Shouldn’t You Be in School?

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What do I say to people who ask my kids, “Shouldn’t you be in school?” What do I answer my neighbors, friends, and my own mother? I’m ill-prepared for the confrontation or even accusations that may come from some people, thinking me negligent for not sending my children to public school. How do I answer a stranger or a neighbor who might not really understand…or care? Or do I even bother trying?


The question will certainly come to you as you are out and about with kids during the school day. Know that your children will soak up your attitude. I never try to hide the fact that I homeschool from anyone, from the librarian to the store clerk. I volunteer the information and follow it up with how blessed we feel! I am on my own one-person campaign to change the world’s perspective of homeschoolers!

When someone asks my kids why they aren’t in school, I jump in and answer for them (as I think it is unfair for others to impose their prejudice on my children) and I say, “We are so lucky because we homeschool, and have so much fun together! We love it and are learning so much!” and the kids look up and smile. Or, I say, “We homeschool and I feel so happy to be with my best friends learning—they are so smart! And they teach me so much!” As my children have grown, I hear them answering in a similar way to those awkward questions, and expressing their enjoyment of being homeschooled. It is really hard for people to have a hurtful comeback to that kind of confidence and enthusiasm. Attitude really is everything! Best success!


  1. Lee A. Doody says:

    Hello, I am looking into homeschooling my 12 year old grandson. His parents just gave him to us. We lived in Maine all our life and now we are in Florida. Devin was brought to florida and just signed over. We placed him in public school and no surprise he is failing to the point that he will not pass the sixth grade. From what we can see he has been labeled with ADHD, EBD(EMOTIONAL BEHAVIORAL DISORDER). What is the first step to getting off the roller coaster. We have done everything from, consoling, extra teachers, shaperone him in school for the day. Punishment…..

    I strongly agree that hard work is the key as well. The child does so much better at home with structure than running wild at public school.

    If there is any information that you could email me or advice would be wounderful.

    God Bless to you and your Journey

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