Gratitude Journal


Isaac_bouncingGrumpy attitudes?

Kids complaining?

You getting weary?  

Here’s a quick fix! I read my Gratitude Journal whenever I need a lift!

A Gratitude Journal can just be a document on your desktop of your computer, that you write on every Sunday, for example. Or a list on your fridge or bulletin board that you try to jot on daily. As a title I have written at the top, “What am I grateful for today?”

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Facing the First Day

Brothers Ammon and Nathan arm wrestling!

Brothers Ammon and Nathan arm wrestling!

It’s fall time—back-to-school season—and many mothers are facing the first day of homeschool for the very first time. Talking to a few of these mothers made me yearn to write to any mother who is in that wonderful and overwhelming position! If you are bringing children home from public school to homeschool, you may be wondering how you’ll ever manage. Maybe this quick how-to will help you evaluate where you are and what you need to be thinking about. [Read more…]

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