A College Degree for Girls? Not Necessarily. An Education? Why, of Course!

My Daughters and I: Julianna, Emily, and Louisa

My Daughters and I: Julianna, Emily, and Louisa

I have Brooke Reynolds to thank for causing me to write this article. She and I got into a discussion about what homeschool girls should be doing between the age of 16 and the time they enter marriage. Brooke is 18 years old and is currently pursuing a music education on scholarship at the University of Utah. She enjoys it and finds it challenging, but she wonders if college is exactly the right thing for her.

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My Day at School

paperairplaneI am a behavior problem.

I never dreamed I would be until I decided to go to school with my 14 year old son, Ammon, who took a few classes at a local charter school along with our daily homeschooling. I was interested in a pilot program class that he was involved in, and the teacher welcomed parents into the classroom, so I decided to go and observe. When I first arrived, I was alert and interested. After 45 minutes, my mind was seriously wandering.

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