Project: Paper Mache

Here’s an art project that’s easy and such fun! You make one too, Mom. A lot of the fun for your kids is working side-by-side and watching Mommy create!


Paper Mache Bowl

This lightweight bowl can hold napkins, hair scrunchies, paper clips, candies for a gift, dinner rolls, and more. It can’t get wet, and it can’t carry a very heavy load.

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Project: Twig Furniture

I shared with you the cozy country cottage that Louisa made. Come with us to build some charming twig furniture to go inside!


Here’s how:

1) Just gather twigs. (These are cherry and peach branches recently pruned from our orchard.)

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Build a Cozy Country Cottage


Louisa had a great time building a cozy country cottage in miniature! All you need is cardboard, glue, acrylic craft paint and some tissue paper for flowers to bloom around your door! This doesn’t have to be a female craft. Boys can make a fire station (complete with second floor fire-pole) or a space station . . .whatever you can imagine . . .

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Art: What to Teach?


Fine arts are often the first to be cut from public school curriculum when the budget gets tight. We want our children to be cultured! Art is a big part of cultural refinement, but do we start? Basically, 1) doing art and 2) enjoying and learning from art that was done exceptionally well over the history of our world.

Art Expression

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Homeschooling Assignment #6

All finished with Assignment #5?

I’m excited ’cause this is so much fun! Your children are going to love it, and so are you!

Assignment #6: Let’s Sculpt!


First, you need supplies, so put this on your grocery or “gather” list so you’ll be ready to have a good time!

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