An Assignment Chart for Young Homeschoolers

My younger children enjoy having a wall chart of their assignments so we can both see at a glance what they have to do for school the day, and see their progress. It makes schoolwork seem more manageable and as they check off each subject, they can see just what is left. I used a large 12 x 18″ piece of butcher paper and wrote e

assignment chart

ach subject next to a blank box. Then I cut up index cards in squares to fit into the blank boxes.

On each square, I let my child choose and place a sticker. Then we laminated the chart and the sticker squares.¬†We use “sticky-tack” to put the sticker squares in the box next to the subject as it is completed. I can quickly see who is done with their schoolwork or how much each child has left to do. At the end of school, we move all the sticker squares back to the bottom of the chart so it is blank and ready for the next day’s school assignments.

The chart shown above is our reduced summer schedule.

During the school year we add Math Facts, English (or Phonics for young ones), the Subject of the Day (Science, History, Art, Health, etc.) and Typing practice. The winter chart is on the reverse side, so we just flip it over and move the sticker cards to the other side.

Worked wonders in my homeschool!