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Heaping Coals Upon Their Heads

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Does Harry Potter, Twilight Help Reading?


My child does not like to read, but she will read Harry Potter, Charlie Bone, Twilight and others on a theme of wizardry and black magic. How do you feel about that? Should I just be happy that she is reading?


I feel concerned that encouraging children to read any book which has a theme of the occult, death, or black magic may promote a fascination with the “dark side” and develop an appetite for something less than praiseworthy. There is so much excellent literature of an uplifting, inspiring nature to read that there is scarcely time enough in one childhood to enjoy it all! Has your child read Summer of the Monkeys, Call it Courage, Mr. Popper’s Penquins, The 21 Balloons? . . . there are so very many that come to mind! I think that for some children who aren’t interested in reading but get “hooked” on a series that delves into the occult—reading simply isn’t worth the price of nurturing such a taste.

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