Practice for Preschoolers

Rebekah does her cut-and-glue work

Rebekah does her cut-and-glue work

It’s school time…but what to do with the little ones? They want to have “school” too! They need activities to keep them happy and busy while you are teaching older ones. Here’s some of my preschoolers favorite “jobs” to do during school time: [Read more…]

How to Teach Preschool

My little Louisa rides her scooter!

Teaching preschoolers is great fun! If you’ve got little ones, your are in for a treat when it comes to teaching them “school”. They are curious and love to do things with Mom! 

You can teach your little one all yourself, or you can assign an older child to take charge some of the time. If you are teaching other older siblings, you can just have your preschooler join in for some of the school time for them, while you sing together, read aloud, do art, etc. and other whole family activities. Preschoolers will beg for their own workbooks and assignments. But if you are teaching just preschoolers, here is how I teach preschoolers.

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How Do I Choose Resources for my Homeschool?

homeschooling curriculum

My daughter Louisa

Homeschooling is a big decision that takes much thought and prayer. For most of us, the move into homeschooling is a step into uncharted territory. We haven’t been brought up in this lifestyle and we aren’t quite sure just how to proceed.

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