The King of Me

Self-control is so sorely lacking in our society! Troubles caused by lack of self-discipline range from littering to illegitimate babies to college shootings. We must start very young in teaching our little children to master themselves. They can never call God “Master” until they can call themselves the “King of Me”. [Read more…]

Why Listen?


“Pick up your shoes!”

“Clear the table!”

“You’ve left your coat on the couch.”

“Don’t leave a wet towel on your bedroom floor!”

Sound familiar? I sometimes feel like I am a repeating public announcement: “Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop” . . . “No smoking in the terminal”.

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All My Kids Do is Complain


All my kids do is complain, whine, and try to get out of school work. Any advice?


Your job is to find the best resources and methods to teach the information in a fun and interesting way that captivates their interest. Are you doing your job?

Your children’s job is to obey you, be grateful for your efforts, have a good attitude and do their work without whining. Are they doing their job?

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