Make-it-Yourself Beginning Readers

homeschooling-phonicsCan there be anything more exciting than having those phonics lessons finally “click” with your little one and hearing him read his first words? I doubt it! Listening to my children learn to read is a thrill for me. I enjoy teaching them to read and I delight in hearing them read aloud.

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Remembering Phonics


My 7 year old loves to read, but now that I am teaching my 5 year old to read I can see how the 7 year old struggles with reading. I taught him to read using phonics but I notice him guessing at words a lot and so I say, “say each sound”.  He enjoys reading and I don’t want to change that. Do I just keep keeping on or what would you suggest? [Read more…]

Is it a “b” or a “d”?


My kids are having a hard time in reading and writing lower case “b” and “d” and are always mixing them up.  How do you help kids keep this straight?


I teach them “b”.  Leave “d” alone—it will take care of itself once they learn “b”.

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