Newly Out of Public School and Resistant


I need some suggestions on how to motivate my 9-year-old to do any school work. I took Derek out of public school about a month ago after a lot of prayers and heart ache. He was in the third grade and we spent more time at night doing his work because he won’t do it at school. He has never liked school… any part of it… hates to read, hates any part of it and so I have been trying to give him a positive atmosphere to work in and some one-on-one time to help him want to try, but it is a continual fight to get him to do anything. He just says he is dumb and it is too hard. I have only been doing some basic math, a journal, some spelling, some reading—but he fights all of it. Do you have any suggestions to get him to see how smart he is and maybe some way to teach him that will get him going with out me forcing the issue? I have backed off and let him decide when to do it or I have tried to force a time to get stuff done… he wants me to do it for him. I am very frustrated and I have a 5th grader who wants me to homeschool her. I can’t even get this to work with one. I welcome any advice you have. [Read more…]

The Homeschooled Teen: Surviving or Thriving?

hikingDadAmmonby Daniel Hopkins, teen

Being a homeschooled teenager isn’t always easy. There are many problems that can arise. Some of these may be familiar to you: “All I do is just sit at home all day—I never get out of the house,” “All my friends are at school,” and “This is really boring.” As a teenager myself, I’ve looked at how I’ve dealt with some of these problems and how they’ve worked out. Also, I’ve looked at how and why I enjoy homeschool. Hopefully some of these tips will help you.

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Public School or Homeschool?


I am homeschooling my son and most of the time it is wonderful. We stay very busy running here and there so he can be with other children. Even still, at times, there is some isolation and I wonder if it is the ideal choice for him?  Which is better: public school or homeschool? [Read more…]

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