Gratitude Journal


Isaac_bouncingGrumpy attitudes?

Kids complaining?

You getting weary?  

Here’s a quick fix! I read my Gratitude Journal whenever I need a lift!

A Gratitude Journal can just be a document on your desktop of your computer, that you write on every Sunday, for example. Or a list on your fridge or bulletin board that you try to jot on daily. As a title I have written at the top, “What am I grateful for today?”

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Kids Can’t Spell?


Ammon shows off a big beet he grew

It is an all-too-common problem. Kids can’t spell, teenagers can’t spell, even many adults can’t spell. Thank goodness for spell-check on the computer. It has helped the problem enormously!

Learning to write is pretty important, as we use if daily in our communication. Nothing blows “lookin’ smart” faster than misspelling a common word. It’s like saying “ain’t”—only on paper!

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Writing in My Homeschool


Emily with the journals she wrote growing up!

Come take a peek inside my homeschool. Here’s how I teach writing! And it works—one of my sons got a perfect score on the English portion of the ACT test for college.

Journal Writing

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Teaching an Older Child to Write


I have a 9th grade daughter that really struggles in writing. She does not like writing so it has always been a battle and I have not pushed it nearly enough. Now I find she is really behind in writing and I am feeling panicked because writing is so important to every other subject. Do you have any suggestions of how to help an older student learn to be a better writer? I really feel like I have failed her.

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Teaching Children to Write the Natural Way

My daughter Louisa has kept her school journals since she was 4 years old. What a treasure they are now! A whole childhood recorded.

My daughter Louisa has kept her school journals since she was 4 years old. What a treasure they are now! A whole childhood recorded.

I would like to share with you some of the things we’ve done in our homeschool that have really worked so well over the years. Teaching my children to write  has been a joy to teach, and any mother can easily do it without any expensive program.

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Poor Writing


I could use some insights on how to get my kids to turn out better quality book reports and just writing in general.  My oldest is in 6th grade and the next child is in 3rd grade, and here we’ve done grammar and writing year after year and yet so many times in journal writing or book reports I don’t see what they’re learning taking hold in everyday usage.  I use Rod and Staff English books and I also switched to Winston Grammar for my 6th grader this past year, but like I said, when it comes to everyday usage they’re not getting it.  Help!  [Read more…]

Is it a “b” or a “d”?


My kids are having a hard time in reading and writing lower case “b” and “d” and are always mixing them up.  How do you help kids keep this straight?


I teach them “b”.  Leave “d” alone—it will take care of itself once they learn “b”.

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