Who We Are

Hey, isn’t this a website about how to homeschool?  Well, yes, it is, but without my kids, I would have never even started homeschooling, so you’ll hear a lot about them.  Although the photos on this site range from when they were little until the present day, I’d like to introduce you to the people they are today!

Daniel, my first. Daniel introduced me to the challenging job of mother. Daniel excelled in the public school system and was in 6th grade when we began homeschooling. He loves organizations, maps, and weather information. Being my first, he got experimented on way more than any child deserves!  He taught me that teens need social life, that what you study must be relevant to your life, and that kids are more capable than we give them credit for. Daniel graduated from college, works in computer technology, and has a darling family (below).

Nathan comes next.  I can blame Nathan for this fantastic adventure of homeschooling, as he did not thrive in the public schools. He is an intelligent, sensitive and gentle person, an inventor who sees the world from a different perspective.  His difficulties sitting and focusing in a school classroom forced me to consider alternatives, homeschooling being the result—and what a blessing that has been!  Nathan endured college so he could get paid for inventing:  he works for a company that produces small radio-controlled airplanes manned with video cameras used in rescue operations. Nathan is the happy head of his little family!  (children’s photos below)

Mark is my 3rd son in a row, and what a rough-and-tumble wrestling time it was with 3 little boys under 4 years old! Mark is super smart and amazing: he speaks many languages, plays the piano at a performance level, has traveled all over the world, and he owns multiple houses in his thriving investment business. He graduated in political science, and is hoping for a wife and family.

Julianna, my first daughter, is sweet, sensitive and caring.  She graduated inFamily Living at the university.  She excels at cooking, arranging flowers, singing and dancing, as well as making friends. Everybody loves Juilanna.  Julianna was my right-hand-gal during most of my childbearing years so she has lots of “mommy” experience which she is eager to put to good use.  She recently married her sweetheart and is now enjoying making a home for her husband Michael.  Michael builds websites and loves my daughter—fine credentials!

Emily, full of fun and ultra-responsible, Emily was the ideal homeschool student during her high school years, where she pretty much schooled herself, and used me as someone to discuss things with. When she was young, her need to play taught me to make homeschool fun and inviting, so I could help keep her focused. Emily graduated from a local high school, by working to get credit for her homeschool classes, and attending high school part time.  She is currently going to the university and preparing herself to be a wife to the future man of her dreams.

Ammon is our missionary. He is currently living in the southern tip of Chile and teaching the native people there about our Savior Jesus Christ. He’ll be there for two years. Before he left on his mission, he was studying Botany at the university. What Ammon loves to do is plant, grow, and harvest. Plants are wonderful to Ammon!

Louisa, my miracle baby!  After many miscarriages and countless prayers, we were finally blessed with Louisa when I was in my forties. Social and very creative,  Louisa loves homeschool and it gives her time for friends and for art, sewing, playing her violin, piano and mandolin—and all the other things she loves to do!  Louisa and I are alone in the mornings, which is a very different scenario from those years of homeschooling with my 7 children around the kitchen table.  We are enjoying a new kind of homeschooling!

Mom, that’s me!  I am the voice on this website,  the mommy of this family, and the conductor of this homeschooling experiment.  What a most meaningful experience it has been to be best friends and pretty constant companions with my kids, and the director of their education! I couldn’t have picked a better life to enjoy.

Let’s see—stuff about me?  I love the beach, flowers, swimming, babies, sewing, gardening, writing, reading, cooking, teaching History, traveling, watching British romance movies, and friends.  I just asked my daughter, “What do I like to do?”  and she replied, “You like to be with your kids, and you like to go on a date night with Daddy”.  Guess that sums it up!

Dad, the rock.  Rick is quiet but not shy, kind, patient, willing to go along with my constant flow of hair-brain ideas. He is the ever constant stability in our family.

He likes raising chickens, keeping our little farm going, working in our business, studying the scriptures, teaching at church, and helping me make all my dreams come true.

Daniel’s family: Melissa, my son Daniel’s wife, is the very loving and attentive mother of 4 little ones. She is a great cook, gardener and mom!

Rebekah, my first grandchild, is 7 years old, bright and interested in life.

Abigail, blonde and cute as can be, laughs easily and loves everybody.

Isaac, our first grandson, has a very Biblical name: Isaac Samuel, and is a very sweet little guy!

Elizabeth, black haired and beautiful, is the newest addition to their family and was unexpectedly born on Julianna’s wedding day!

Nathan’s family: Melanie is Nathan’s wife. She is very patient, pleasant and gentle—a great match for Nathan. Melanie was a first grade teacher when Nathan persuaded her to become his beloved companion.

Rachel Lily is 4 years old, and very adorable, spunky and busy.

Christian weighed almost 13 lbs. at birth!  He is quiet and steady and would just love to be left alone so he can play trucks!

Joseph is the newest little guy in Nathan’s family.

That’s us!

It just started with Rick and I, two people who fell in love.  And our family continues to grow!  Family life is the best, and there is nothing so great for family life as homeschooling!